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"Nancy has a truly amazing gift.  We crossed paths during a time in my life when I needed some guidance.  Nancy's reading was "right on" and pulled the wool from my eyes. It was a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE that I am forever thankful for."


Kristin - Littleton, CO

"Nancy Byrne, 

Thank you SO much for my Astrology reading.  The information was bound and presented so beautifully, I could tell you put a lot of effort into it.  


I kept thinking "how does she know"!  It was so "spot on"  and helped to alleviate many worries and explain things I never understood about myself but had observed.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone get their chart done by you; it is beyond helpful in understanding this crazy world and how we relate to it.  Thank you again. "


Natasha Suzuki

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"I just had an awesome star chart done by an amazing woman, Nancy Byrne.  If anyone wants to find out more, go to Nancy's web site.  I've had readings done by her, taken classes from her and now this ever so true star chart.
I think  everyone should have one done.  Check her out!!!  Here is her website:"


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Heaven Sent - Westminister

"I had never met Nancy before my reading and as soon as she started with her automatic writing, I thought "How does she know that about me?"  She is the BEST psychic reader I have ever gone to see!  I left with tons of insight.  


Nancy is also an excellent instructor and knowledgeable speaker.  Her personal insights give life to her classes and she gives everyone a chance to participate.  I come away from her classes full of inspiration." 


Lynn O. - Parker, CO.


This testimonial from a young woman I did a telephone reading for  was forwarded to me  from my Mentor, Karen Fox.

"Hi Karen, I have been meaning to send you this message for a long time now, but have had a lot going on since I am planning on moving to Hawaii in a few weeks!  I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed my reading from Nancy Byrne.  She was very insightful and intuitive and provided a lot of information without even meeting me in person.  She was also nice to talk to and has a wonderful demeanor. 

Thank you for referring her to me."


Monique D.

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