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Reclaiming the Goddess Within

Throughout history there has been a common thread of the Divine Goddess.  Cave drawings and archeological digs have confirmed ancient religions of Goddess worship that predate Christianity.

Whether male or female, whatever religion or belief system you subscribe to... this class will enable you to connect to the divine feminine within each of us.

In this class you will learn to: 

Connect with the nurturing, powerful  and sometimes aggressive aspects of your nature and how to direct that energy for optimal spiritual and physical growth.

We will conduct a ritual to release self-defeating thoughts, behaviors  and values.

This class is comprised of meditation, teaching, "experiential" hands on excercises and is GUARANTEED to change your life!

This is a two hour class, the cost is $45.00.  

Contact Nancy Byrne for class scheduling at either .

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An experience in self-renewel, self-enrichment,

self-fulfillment, self-care and Self-Empowerment!


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