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What is the difference between a Psychic and a Spirit Medium?

While there are many similarities between a Psychic and a Spirit Medium such as accessing information through the six "psychic" senses such as  Clairvoyance (psychic "seeing"), Clairaudience (psychic "hearing"), claircognizance (psychic "knowing"), clairsentience (psychic "feeling emotions & energy"), clairgustance (psychic "tasting"), and clairalience (psychic "smelling"); a Medium also has access to direct communication from the Spirit realm.  


The Spirit realm may include Angels, Spirit Guides (there are two theories which pertain to Spirit Guides:  (1)  they enter into a contract with your soul prior to your birth to help and guide you through this particular lifetime and they are with you til the end of your life;  (2)  you have different Spirit Guides to help and guide you throughout the different stages of your life; i.e., when you are a child, your Spirit Guide is a "younger" guide who understands the thought patterns and emotions of a younger individual.   As you mature, you change to  Spirit Guides who also are at the same level of "spiritual", emotional and intellectual  maturity as yourself.)  loved ones who have passed over, animals and animal totems and there are some who believe in guides from other planets.  


You can actually enlist the services of any "archetype" or individual who has ever lived.  Just as we call upon the Saints to help us, we can also call upon a famous artist to help us with our masterpiece or a famous composer to help us complete the lyrics to our new song.  As an aside, I knew a woman who once was lost on the streets of  Harlem late at night.  She was terrified.  She had no idea how she had gotten there and worse yet, she had no idea how to get out.  

While stopped at a red light, she was approached by six, not five, not four...but six HUGE males brandishing everything from bats, to chains, to knives.  Did I say she was terrified?  Well, if I didn't...she was one scared lady!


Seemingly out of the blue, she remembered that her animal totem was a Black Panther (lucky lady) so she called upon the characteristics of the Black Panther to come to her aid in that moment (sounds like a Harry Potter movie, doesn't it?  It is a TRUE story).  She stated that suddenly her vision became extremely clear, she was alert and very aware of her surroundings...she said she could even feel the "claws" growing out of  her hands!  Instead of cringing with fear and waiting for the SIX  men to accost her, she gunned the car and drove right through the middle of them while they dove out of the way  shouting obscenities and throwing objects at her car!  THE MORAL OF THIS DIGRESSION IS:  It doesn't matter if your Pastor doesn't believe in Black Panther totems...what matters is that you are alive!


Back to the point; Spirit Mediums have "help" from an entire entourage of different "Spirits", thus the name Spirit Medium... WOW,  that was profound!  One word of you thought I was going to warn you about Demons huh?  No,  I'm going to warn you about Angels!!!  Spirit Guides are kind of laid back, they'll try to get your attention but if you don't listen, they'll try again perhaps with a little more know you have your entire life to learn right?! NOT!!!  O.M.G. these Angel Spirits don't mess around...when they're called in you know you better listen up...they're the BIG GUNS!!!  Angels are serious about their job security and you'd better be too.  Their attitude is:  You made an agreement and you WILL keep your contract...or else!  


Personally, I don't care that much for Angels...I have shattered my knee, broke my foot, had a staph infection...I could go on and on; okay so perhaps, I was warned to slow down...possibly, maybe, I'm a slow learner but geez, give me a Spirit Guide anytime!  With the exception of Angels (just kidding Melchizedek!)  the Spirits who come into your life; come to bring encouragement, guidance, hope and clarity...they truly have an investment in you and in your welfare.  


After all, WE ARE ALL ONE WITH SPIRIT....we are in this world but we are not of this world!  We have friends, and support...we have Spirits watching our backs!  We get so invested in this physical world that we forget who we truly are...WE ARE MAGNIFICENT CREATIONS!!!! So much so that the Almighty has assigned us "body guards" in the form of Spirits!  Gosh, it doesn't get much better than that...and Spirit Mediums can communicate with and obtain information for our betterment through these Spirits...usually because most people don't want to or are afraid to listen so instead  Spirits speak to other more "open" channels such as Spirit Mediums or other relatives and friends who are receptive.    If most of us were open, our Spirit Guides, angels, etc. would and could communicate DIRECTLY to us!    







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