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5 Star Reviews

"This is a must read! Very inspiring. You are worth it!" --Autumn Shields

"Nancy's story and ideas are very inspiring. This book spoke to me on multiple levels. It's a must read for academics and avid readers alike. I look forward to see where she takes these concepts next.:--Peter Napoli

"We are the masters of our destination and Choices is a read that will explain to you why. A must read if you want to be the one who chooses where your life takes you."--Lynn

"Nancy's personal experiences helps the reader identify how Spirit works through all of us to empower change and help all of us reach our true potential in this lifetime. The book is a quick read that blends humor with powerful, emotional stories and will inspire you to take command of your life."--Phil

"Loved the message of this book. Easy to read,inspiring and empowering!:--Lois Schweigert

"All the lessons I've learned over a lifetime of research and soul searching come together in one place, Choices. Give it a read, and then read it again with a highlighter."--Marguerite Hollingsworth

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