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This class is designed to help you access and develop your already innate psychic abilities by  introducing you to the building blocks required to establish a strong psychic foundation: 

You will learn the art of Clairvoyance (Psychic Seeing),  Clairaudience (Psychic Hearing), Claircognizance (Psychic Knowing), Clairsentience (Psychic Feeling) Clairgustance (Psychic Tasting), Clairescence (Psychic Smelling) and Psychometry ("feeling" or gaining psychic information while holding an object).

Our physical senses of sight, hearing, smelling, feeling, & tasting are the counterparts to these 

​psychic/spiritual "gifts". 

Classes are comprised of lecture, "hands on" exercises and specifically designed learning modalities  and...they are Fun!    

Fee is $45.00 for a 1 hour class.

For class scheduling information contact Nancy Byrne at


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Introduction to Psychic Development

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