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“It is my soul’s desire to ‘give back’ to the Universe and to serve by assisting others on their life’s journey.”
~ Nancy Byrne



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THIS IS YOUR PAGE – You will have the opportunity to get your questions answered at no cost, in the privacy of your own home. 

Nancy Byrne holds a deep respect for all life and believes that her purpose in this lifetime is to help others recognize their abilities, strengths and purpose.The author of the acclaimed Choices, Nancy Byrne is making a difference. Majoring in Psychology at the University at Denver for both her Graduate and Undergraduate coursework, she has always worked in the helping professions; at an Adolescent Psychiatric Treatment Hospital, as Executive Director for a Women in Need of Group Support Program, a Rape Crisis Center, as the Director of a Victim Services Unit at a major Police Department in the Denver area, as well as a counselor at several high Risk Shelters for adolescents. Nancy is a spiritual/psychic reader and channeler for the prestigious American Association of Psychics. She graduated from the Aspen Program for Psychic Development with certification in Psychic Development, Spirit Mediumship, Medical Intuition, and Reiki Master/Teacher. 

She knows her stuff!

This page is dedicated to a conversation … between you and Nancy. Read the Q and A below, and take the time to ASK A QUESTION OF YOUR OWN!

Here’s How It Works

Nancy will select two questions to answer per month. When responding to your question; your first name (and perhaps last name initial) will be used. Although required, your e-mail addresses will never be sold or given out; they are solely required so that you can utilize this page and have access to any newsletters from Nancy. Ask any question you want, whether it be of a spiritual nature or more real-life practical. Because of the high volume of questions anticipated, please limit yourself to one question per visit. 

Questions & Answers


Hi Nancy, I live in Moab, Utah. For the last six months I have had a burning desire to move to Whidbey Island with my five-year-old daughter and start a business there. I’ve researched it and really like the south end, particularly Langley. Do you think I should just pick up and move to Langley with my daughter and do you think I will be able to start my own business there?


I believe Spirit is telling you to follow the desire of your heart and that within one year you will own your own business. Now, I have lived here for over a year and I know there are no businesses for sale and people tend to keep their jobs forever. But this is what Spirit is saying.


Six months later, she said she and her daughter had moved immediately after receiving my confirmation during her reading and asked if we could meet at a local coffeehouse. When I arrived, I was greeted by a glowing young woman. She asked me if I wanted to go to see her store! After working for free at a store, the owners of the store told her they were putting the shop up for sale because they wanted to enjoy their retirement. They gave her the first opportunity to purchase the store. The rest was history!



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It is Nancy’s hope this page serves a purpose in your lives and that we can have a little fun with it.  Let’s not take ourselves too seriously; life is short so live every day with GUSTO!