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YOU have all the answers within you.  You do not need to scurry after the approval of or advice from others.  Who knows more than the Divine, than Spirit, what is best for you and what steps and actions you should take to insure happiness and success?  Certainly not your therapist or your friendly guru – for[…]

The Art of Reclaiming “YOU”!

LET GO!  Let go of preconceived ideas of how things are supposed to turn out. LET GO!  Let go of societal expectations placed upon you. LET GO!  Let go of religious dogma. LET GO!  Let go of other peoples values and belief systems that you have blindly accepted.  This includes your family of origin. LET[…]

Nancy's Book Cover - Copy

If I Ever Loved Me

I would give myself the same compassion I show to others. I would cut myself some slack – instead of just talking smack. I would be the best of mothers – – to the frightened kid who lives within. I would lavish praise and admiration for ALL of my many accomplishments; instead of trying to[…]

Nancy's Book Cover - Copy

I Choose:

To live by choice, not by chance;  To make changes, not excuses,  To be motivated, not manipulated;  To be useful, not used;  To excel, not compete I choose self esteem, not self pity,  I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinion of others! Debbie Deaton

Nancy's Book Cover - Copy


“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique.  And, if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost.  The World will[…]